Navigating with Knowledge & Network

Cial Trade is an internationally experienced firm unlike any other logistics service provider. With a mindset focused beyond standard trade operations, Cial applies expert knowledge in Technology, Textiles and Home Design elements.


The undeniable infusion of technology in business is a requirement that every business must have in order to remain efficient and profitable. Our focus on software technology provides clients with ways to improve their business operations and unlock hidden potentials.

Trade Finance

Time is a non renewable resource. Cial understands this concept and by way of providing Trade Financing, saving time becomes the next best option. We extend financing to qualified trading firms and provide economic growth to our partners.


Providing a streamlined service for essentials that we rely on is an important element of our vision. Cial has been working closely with a wide network of suppliers in the Textiles industry, providing yarns and fabrics to manufacturers around the globe.

Home Design Elements

In addition to essential needs, we extend our range of services to interior Home Design elements. With the ever growing expectation for quality interior design products, we work closely with exclusive manufacturers and designers to provide our clients with access to unique products.

Electronic Components

An electronic component is often a product used for industrial use. These electronic components have various electrical terminals or leads which connect with other electrical components to create a circuit. Usually, these components have a particular function or purpose (such as an amplifier).

Base Oil

Base oils are used to manufacture products including lubricating greases, motor oil and metal processing fluids. Different products require different compositions and properties in the oil. One of the most important factors is the liquid’s viscosity at various temperatures.


We can transform your business to the next level

Working with experienced professionals in the field of trade, finance, technology and textiles will aim to mitigate risks, save time and reduce costs.  Find out how Cial International Trading can help you get ahead of the competition.